Cock control Lois making Peter feel good

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You’d think that the Family Guy millf Lois would be pretty plain and boring when it comes to sex, but she’s one of the hardcore babes who got hooked to adult BDSM comics and she’s had the nerve to act on it. Peter is a wuss anyway, so it didn’t take too long for her to dominate him and have him behave properly. Now she’s the sole mistress of his erection, making sure he’s erect only when she finds it appropriate.

Griffin BDSM Cartoon

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Cleveland Brown and Loretta in bondage scenes

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How about some black on black adult toon comics. Cleveland Brown and his wife are having some fun that would make their conservative neighbors go wild. If you’ve enjoyed Family Guy porn scenes, this sex swing with latex and bondage themes is just the right thing, especially since Loretta is actually able to squirt like crazy when Cleveland hits the right spot with his massive black cartoon cock.
Cleveland Brown and Loretta BDSM Cartoon

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Stan Smith roped in and anally invaded

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Conservative CIA operative Stan Smith is not so conservative once he’s in the bedroom and with his clothes off. Beautiful blonde operative he often works with is one of the hod adult BDSM cartoons babes and she knows just how to make the masculine guy beg for mercy while he feels extremely good at the same time – ropes around his arms and feet, a big cartoon dildo up his ass and a whip all across his bottom and Stan is instantly in heaven.
American Dad BDSM Cartoon

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Red latex and bondage Jasmine being boned

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Petite, dark and dirty, these are properties Aladdin babe Jasmine has, and you can see just why in these adult BDSM comics. Aladdin’s cock is not enough to satisfy her, as the guy is tame, and horny disney slut is up for rough rides with some bondage and anal invasion for her tight toon cunt. The red latex suit she’s wearing in these scenes don’t really leave much to imagination – it’s smoking hot and it’s sure to make your blood boil.
Aladdine Cartoon Adult BDSM

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Obedient Winx girls on their knees

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Long legged, slim and with small toon titties, Winx girls make for perfect targets to teach a thing or two about bondage and obedience, and they are certainly already halfway there – they don’t mind at all being put through a lot in various adult BDSM comics. Having fun with these cartoon chicks is something you’ll definitely enjoy as rough ropes and various sex toys get them all fired up for some more hot toon punishment.
Winx BDSM Cartoon

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Brutal superhero action with famous heroines

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You’d think that being a superhero would make these cartoon characters extremely moral or something like that, but no, they’re just as immoral as anyone else and they have found a flare for dominating hot babes – especially if they’re in the hero business as well. Hero adult BDSM comics show us various Cartoon Network characters get their hands on powerful ropes and putting them to use on their enemies, and sometimes even friends.
Superhero Cartoon BDSM

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Dominatrix Belle – now here’s something new

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Beautiful Disney chick Belle has always been the thing of wet dream for boys and men, as she’s one of the kinkiest looking Disney gals. It’s time to make her look even more kinky with hot adult BDSM comics – long legs in black latex stockings, nothing to cover her fine toon tits and a whip in her hand which can’t wait to be used on Gaston’s exposed ass or poor Beast’s back – Belle as a domina is something that’s going to make your blood boil.
Belle Suck Gastons Cock

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Bob’s Burgers with special BDSM topping

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Now this is the kind of toon burger joint I wouldn’t mind visiting at all. The fat slut working there is part of the whole experience – the salads can be munched through her pussy, some of the toppings are placed up her ass and those huge tits of hers get covered with burgers – food and adult BDSM comics mix well, especially when you’ve got a curvy piece of eye candy to play with as much as you want while eating out.

Cartoon BDSM
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Double Penetration Jasmine in hot toon scenes

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Having something stuck into just one of her holes is not nearly enough for Aladdin slut Jasmine, she needs to be properly taken care of so she whips out her various dildos whenever she feels the need for total pleasure. Aladdin is just not up to the task of making her adult BDSM comics come true, so she sometimes turns to Jaffar and even her guards to fill her up while she’s wearing all kinds of kinky outfits which barely cover her sensitive areas.

Princess Jasmine Cartoon Porn

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Dragon hunters enjoying wild BDSM sex

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You’d think Dragon Hunters would be a group with strict honor codes, rules of conduits and so on, but that’s so far from the truth it’s not even funny. In fact, they are having hot adult BDSM comics week right now, and there’s no limit as to who can fuck who (and what can be used as an improvised sex toy). You can see how this can turn nasty with many swords around.

Dragon Hunters Adult Cartoon

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